Analysis of the street food franchise sector in India

The street food franchise business is growing in India. It is one such easy-to-consume food product that is available anytime and everywhere in India. Thus, the hectic lifestyle that the majority of customers follow paves the way for sales of street food products to increase in terms of volume.

Fast food restaurants, also known as quick service restaurants (QSR), are becoming more and more popular, which helps the street food franchise business expand. Due to their vast populations and the expansion of QSRs like Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Subway, the growing economies of China, India, and Brazil lead in terms of fast food consumption.

The food industry is one such sector that has grown dramatically in today’s world of rapid change. National and international companies have recently been drawn to the Indian market, and many of them have become increasingly well-known thanks to outstanding services, authentic settings, and authentic Indian street food. People want food without chemical ingredients and don’t want to compromise flavor.

Current industry data indicate that the Indian food service market can be divided according to the amount of food consumed. Street food accounts for approximately 50% of total food consumption. Fast food: approximately 30%; trendy restaurants: 10%. About 10% or so of the total is miscellaneous.

In India, you can eat idli for only Rs. 10. Yes, for a mere Rs 10. Naadbramha Idli is a street food franchise company that provides Maharashtra’s No. 1 idli for Rs. 10. However, this is the most profitable food franchise in Mumbai. In comparison to other food service segments, the profit margin for the street food industry is high.

The following are the things that attract people to start a street food franchise.

Analysis of the street food franchise sector in India
Analysis of the street food franchise sector in India

What attracts entrepreneurs to invest in a street food franchise in India?

Cheap Manpower

India has a large population, and it is the only country that offers inexpensive labor. People are willing to work for low pay rates. This enables businesses to cut back on employee salaries.

Government support

The government of India has started various initiatives to support businesses. The Indian government does not impose any regulatory burdens on the creation of a food franchise.

Large consumer market

India is currently the most populated country in the world, and it is rapidly growing. It is one of the largest consumer markets, attracting international investment. This leads to the entry of various fast food restaurant chains like Domino’s, Mac Donald’s, Baskin Robbins, etc.

Profitable opportunities

The global food market is expanding quickly, whereas, during the past few years, the Indian food industry has generated significant traffic. Opportunities to make money will increase in the near future. Also, compared to starting your own business, the chances of earning a profit are higher in a franchise business. This has encouraged people to invest in setting up a franchise business.

The Naadbramha Idli franchise model offers competitively priced street food with the authentic taste of South India in Mumbai, serving a large customer base. Our company has more than 100 franchises across Maharashtra.

Naadbramha Idli Restaurant offers food franchises under 15 lakhs in Mumbai. Our strong team is always there to support franchisees. Rolling out your food franchise business career with Naadbramha Idli We offer a low-investment franchise opportunity, so don’t waste time and start today.

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