Naadbramha Button Idli

Do you know about button idli? Do you know where to find button idli in Maharashtra?

Button idli sambar, which consists of little, bite-sized idlis dipped in hot vegetable sambar, is the ideal dish to serve for breakfast or lunch. The button idli is a smaller variant of the regular idli. It is also known as mini idli and cocktail idli.

They are steamed rice idlis that are spherical and soft. This snack is exactly the same in taste and preparation as classic rice idli, with the exception that the idli stand used to cook it has smaller round shapes.

These small idlis are the ideal size for dipping into sambar. Additionally, they are prepared to be served with a hot cup of tea after being mixed with the tempering mix (tadka) of mustard and curry batter.

The size and shapes of these little idlis particularly appeal to children. And if you make all three—the plain idli, which can be offered with chutney and sambar as well as the masala idli and podi idli—you will instantly become the star in their eyes. Not only children but also adults find it difficult to resist these appetizing, delectable idlis.

How to make button idli

First, the mixture is prepared just like the batter for regular idli. Then it is kept overnight for fermentation. The batter is mixed to check the consistency. The idli stand is greased, and batter is poured into it. It is cooked for 10 minutes. Then your button idlis are ready to serve. You can serve them with hot and delicious sambar and chutney.

You can also put some ghee and podi on it.

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