Our Incredible Journey

Becoming the best fast food franchise in Mumbai was not easy. From our ancestors, we had a farm, so doing agriculture and selling vegetables was our original business. In search of new opportunities, we started a fruit business in Marketyard Pune. Due to family needs, our brother-in-law had to come to India from Dubai for his son’s In order to pay for daily necessities and the expenses of education in the new city, he started a handcart of Dosa Idli named Naadbramha. At that time, people were talking that a Dubai man was in a handcart, but without stubbornness, hard work, and honesty, the business was going smoothly for 3 years. During that period, the corporation started the development of roads. Because of this, he stopped his business. Then the question of the cost of education was raised for the next 5 months. There was not enough capital to start a new hotel.

“Let’s join hand and help one another”

So me and my brother-in-law got together and got a small loan and started a small hotel in Bharati Vidyapeeth, Katraj area named Naadbramha Dosa Idli Centre in the year 2016. To bring the taste of the handcart vehicle and make it famous, five people came together. Everyone had experience of different fields with diligence, teamwork, and planning, and they planned to keep only two dishes in the hotel. The unparalleled efforts required to
deliver fresh and hot food to each customer after working for 12 to 14 hours was the only reason for the customer’s choice.

Then, in March 2020, India experienced its first lockdown due to a global pandemic. Many people lost their jobs and businesses closed during this time. But Naad Bramha turned into a great brand. We eliminated other products and decided to focus only on selling Idli. We also renamed our business and started “Naad Bramha Idli” in November 2020. Our customers awarded our idlis as Maharashtra’s No. 1 idli. Within 2 years, we have opened more than 103 franchises all over Maharashtra and have become the best fast food franchise in Mumbai. Customers say that they serve the best Idli in Mumbai.


Serve healthy food to millions of people every day within 2030 and create a healthy Bharat.


Our mission is to provide fast, healthy, hygiene food at an affordable prices, where customers can enjoy good food made with quality ingredients.


Enhance the healthy culture of society by providing healthy food.


Naad Bramha Idli has made the process of making Idli simple for their franchises without compromising the quality by introducing machine-based cooking, eliminating the requirement for a chef. We work hard to provide the best quality to our customers. It takes two days to make Idli flour and to make it of very good quality, it has to be carefully seasoned with its handmade sambar spices and for chutney, the combination of the selected ingredients for this special and important thing.

The taste of Naadbramha idli is because of these things that creep on everyone’s tongue and remind them constantly. There will be no oily feeling while tasting the Sambar and Chutney made from wet coconut, which gives a sweet taste to the tongue. People are fans of it.

At the same time, the Idli dissolves at the moment while keeping it on the tongue is the choice of Punekar. When we call this Idli, the open handcart is quickly what comes to our mind, but now we keep the kitchen clean and keep the model of this open kitchen and provide timely service to the customers with our trained workers. Naadbramha’s entire team works hard to give customers fresh and warm food. We are trying hard to keep up.

The Best Fast Food franchise in Mumbai

Team behind the taste

Mr Dattatray Nidavanche Mr Dattatray Nidavanche
Mr Dattatray Nidavanche


Mr Narsingh Biradar Mr Narsingh Biradar
Mr Narsingh Biradar


Mr Digambar Nidavanche Mr Digambar Nidavanche
Mr Digambar Nidavanche


Mr Harish Nidavanche Mr Harish Nidavanche
Mr Harish Nidavanche


Mr Krushna Nidavanche Mr Krushna Nidavanche
Mr Krushna Nidavanche