Fascinating Story of Idli

Idli is the healthiest breakfast in India. This blog is about the fascinating history of Idli.

Idli is derived from the word “iddalige,” claims famous culinary historian and scientist KT Achaya. It was originally stated in a piece of Kannada literature by Sivakotyacharya titled Vaddaradhane in the year AD 920. Idli first appeared as “iddarika” in a Sanskrit encyclopedia called Manasollasa in the year 1130. According to the text, it is “made of fine urad flour formed into little balls and then flavored with pepper powder, cumin powder, and asafoetida.”

Achaya also refers to the fermented dish known as “kedli” from Indonesia, which is a close relative of the idli, the healthiest breakfast. He said that several fermentation techniques were transmitted to South India by the South Indian chefs of Indonesian rulers who had returned home to look for wives.

Subsequently, there was debate among scholars and food historians as to how idli came to be. Elizabeth Collingham, for instance, attributes idli to Arab traders who settled along the coast of South India.

She claims that because they were unsure where they would get halal food, they opted for steamed rice cakes with coconut chutney. It appears that blending rice and urad came considerably later. It might not have been an imported practice at all but rather something that developed in one of the southern states.

Idli is very typical and the healthiest breakfast item for Indians everywhere, regardless of where it originated. So, it is not surprising that six years ago, a passionate Chennai-based idli caterer by the name of Eniyavan made the decision to designate a day for the common breakfast served in South Indian homes.

He decided to prepare and supply 1328 different types of idlis on March 30 in honor of International Idli Day. Government staff cut a 44-kg idli on the same day to declare March 30th to be International Idli Day.

Idlis has developed into a local specialty in South Indian states nowadays. a favored, highly desired healthy breakfast!

Comfort food

It has evolved into comfort food for many throughout time. Idli is a go-to whether you’re feeling under the weather or just want something light. It is also quite easy to make. You’ll need fenugreek, salt, thick beaten rice, par-boiled rice, and urad dal. You are ready to produce soft and fluffy idlis following a few hours of soaking and fermentation.

The regular idli has undergone various changes, leading to numerous variations, including Gujarat’s “dhokla.” Idli is now also available in ready-to-mix varieties with flavors including beetroot, carrot, and even chocolate.

They are typically made with perforated molds because they enable even the cooking of the idlis. Before pouring the batter, some chefs line the container with a thin, moist towel. The fabric makes it possible to remove the idli from the mold right away after steaming rather than having to wait a few minutes for it to cool in the mold.

The healthiest breakfast

Although it has been a staple of our diet for a while, the food is a wonderful discovery for westerners because it is vegan and gluten-free. In fact, so much of south Indian food is already vegan that we don’t really notice the trend.

However, Idli offers a variety of nutritional advantages that make it the healthiest breakfast. A study examined several breakfast foods nationwide. The study examined the nutrient profiles of four major cities, including Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. Idli, one of the most popular breakfast items, was found to have the best profile in Chennai.

According to a survey by Uber Eats, it is the most often requested breakfast item.

It gives you lots of carbohydrates, fiber, and protein. In fact, one idli has eight grams of carbohydrates, two grams of protein, and one gram of fiber. It also contains a lot of iron.

Healthiest breakfast

Variety of choices

There are a variety of idlis to choose from, including rava idli, ragi idli, beetroot, chocolate, idli filled with schezwan, and Thatte idli. Also, there are many options for accompaniments. They can be covered in chutney (coconut or tomato), sambar, and chutney, or dipped entirely in sambar.

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