food franchise under 15 lakhs in Mumbai

Do you want to start a food franchise? Are you looking for a food franchise under 15 lakhs in Mumbai? Then this blog is for you.

In India, food franchises are highly successful as they generate a huge amount of profit. However, one wrong decision can cost you time and money. Thus, it is important to pick a reputed food franchise to make you successful. You should choose a business that provides a proper return for your efforts.

India is one of the world’s largest consumer markets. Large food companies from other countries find it to be a desirable site because of this. The middle class in this country is expanding at the fastest rate, along with the economy. The Indian food industry is expanding and is expected to expand at a 10% annual rate.

In Mumbai, the food franchise industry is currently booming. The fact that Mumbai has such a large population means that the food industry will never see a decline in demand or run out of business. There are lots of prospects for food franchises in national and international businesses that produce high-quality food at the most competitive pricing. Thus, if you want to start a business in Mumbai, taking a food franchise is the best option for you.

This blog includes some food franchises under 15 lakhs in Mumbai for you.

Food franchises under 15 lakhs in Mumbai

Naadbramha Idli

Naadbramha Idli is a food franchise under 15 lakhs in Mumbai. It was founded in 2020 and has been offering franchising opportunities since then. They have more than 78 franchises across Maharashtra, which are highly successful. Naadbramha Idli is one of the fastest-growing food franchises in Maharashtra. They serve the healthiest and tastiest idli with fresh coconut chutney and delicious sambar.

Naadbramha Idli believes health comes first. Thus, they aim to make India a healthy country by providing their healthiest snack, Idli, throughout the nation.

The investment required to start a Naadbramha Idli restaurant is up to Rs. 15 lakhs, including the franchising fees.


What-A-Sandwich was founded in 2013 and has been franchising since 2019. It is a business that offers salads and submarine sandwiches with a quirky twist. The market is overrun with burgers, pizzas, rolls, and Chinese food, but nobody is making submarine sandwiches or just plain subs.

Thus, they filled a market gap by offering their product as “larger” and more “affordable” by entering a market with only one competitor, and this is how they increased their customer base as a sandwich franchise.

The investment required for getting a What-A-Sandwich franchise is up to Rs. 2-2.5 lakhs.

Sweet World

Sweet World was founded in 2002. Traditional sweets or other chocolates and candies accessible in a nation with a sweet tooth can be replaced with Sweet World, an exciting alternative. Among the many choices are gumballs, gummies, jelly beans, and other sweets.

These candies are available in a wide range of flavors to suit a variety of palates, including tart and sour, chocolate-covered candies, licorice candies, and the evergreen favorite, marshmallows.

You need to invest Rs. 2-5 lakhs to get a Sweet World franchise.

London Bubbles Co.

India’s population has come to love London Bubbles, known for its eggless bubble tea, bubble waffles, bubble shakes, and many more unique concoctions. By providing the franchisee with the best business strategy and support, they have experienced tremendous success while expanding through franchising.

As it is a food franchise under 15 lakhs in Mumbai, they provide their franchise with a franchising fee of Rs 5-10 lakh.

These are the best food franchises available at a lower cost in Mumbai. Select the best one for you.


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