The process of starting a food franchise in India

Are you thinking about starting a food franchise in India? Then this blog is for you. You can learn more about franchises, the benefits of operating a food franchise in India, and “How to Start a Food Franchise Business in India” in the following blog.

Those who want to become well-known in the food industry should first think about franchising. By working under the aegis of an established brand name, you can hasten your progress. Restaurant owners must then try to expand their business by taking the franchise route after they start to make money after opening their doors.

What is a food franchise?

With a franchise restaurant, you pay a royalty fee in exchange for the right to use the restaurant’s name.

The “franchisor” is the company that grants you permission to use its brand name. You are referred to as the “franchisee” because you acquired the right to use the restaurant’s brand name. Usually, the franchisee is granted certain licenses to use the brand name in a particular location. The “franchise” refers to the restaurant itself.

Benefits of food franchise in India

  • More profitable than startups.
  • Low failure rate.
  • More secure financial situation.
  • A franchise’s reputation is already a well-known and reputable brand.
  • Customers that support the brand with loyalty.

Process of starting a food franchise in India


Completing out the proper paperwork with the franchise company is the first step. A word of caution: it is crucial that the franchisee connect with the company’s foreign representatives if he or she is from another nation.

Developing a legal entity

It is crucial to establish your own legal entity once all the paperwork is finished to avoid any potential issues in the future. In order to prevent any stumbling blocks, this involves having standing witnesses.

Establishing of a franchise

The next example shows one of the most crucial phases in this business plan since you are filling out licensing documents. A franchise cannot be established if there are no licensing requirements.

HRM (Human Resource Management)

The management of human resources (HR) is covered in the following section. No business can survive without the expertise of human resources, especially if you want to invest in franchises that offer a large consumer base. Also, you must think about and acknowledge the various staff types that will be necessary at each level.

Tax and other compliances

As we have already covered the key steps, we have reached the last level, which is asking about taxes and currency concerns. You must be aware of the different types of taxes you will pay as an expert (i.e., GST, ITR filing, and other annual compliances). You can take charge at this point to improve your chances of tax savings.

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