Best idli in India

Do you love Idli? Want to eat the best idli in India? Then read ahead.

Indians consider idli, sambar, and chutney to be the holy trinity. Contrary to popular assumption, India’s preferred breakfast food is not even native to the country. The preparation of the original recipe is akin to what they call kedli in modern-day Indonesia.

Idlis are loved by Indians at all times of the day, including brunch, lunch, and dinner. For all the good reasons – simple to digest, low in fat, and high in carbohydrates – the round, soft, savory cake has been acclaimed as the “king of breakfast.”

Nothing more could have been provided for us. But the significant preparation required can be a bit intimidating. There are many varieties of these delicious idlis.

The best places to have the best idli in India have been hand-picked by us. Grab one while it is still hot off the dish.

Top restaurants to eat the best idli in India

1. Naadbramha Idli, Maharashtra

Naadbramha idli from Maharashtra is considered the best idli in India. They have been winning their customers’ hearts for two years now. They offer authentic South Indian flavor in the form of regular idli, thatte idli, and button idli with fresh coconut chutney and hot sambar.

They have outlets in the Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Satara, and Ahmednagar regions of Maharashtra. They have more than 78 franchises in Maharashtra.

1. Murugan Idli Shop, Chennai

Aside from Bessie and Marina, the Murugan Idli Shop is something that is amazing in Chennai. Their aromatic idlis, covered in generous amounts of podi (gunpowder) and available at 17 locations throughout Chennai, will excite your palate like never before.

Murugan Idli Shop has endured the test of time, from its first location in Madurai in 1991 to the numerous locations in Chennai today, despite the city has undergone a major transformation. The restaurant offers flavorful paniyarams, a variety of chutneys, and the show-stopping Jigarthanda, a mixture of sweetened milk, ice cream, and sabudana, in addition to the delightful idlis.

2. Chennai Square, Kolkata

Chennai Square, a vegetarian South Indian restaurant in Kolkata, is said to serve one of the best idlis in India. Along with idli, customers also love the pancakes, dosa, and vada offered at this restaurant.

The friendly staff here displays how much they value their customers. Pleasant service is important to these restaurateurs. The price for dinner here is very affordable. Visitors can savor the welcoming atmosphere and exquisite decor at this location.

3. MTR, Bengaluru

Bangalore’s geography has been established by Mavalli Tiffin Room for many years. At any hour of the day, throngs of people will gather here to enjoy the iconic MTR Rava idli with alugadde.

MTR, which has a pre-Independence history, depends on its devoted customer base to succeed. The kitchen starts to bustle at three in the morning thanks to a dedicated workforce that includes head cooks and dozens of assistants.

4. Veena stores, Bengaluru

Veena Stores is the only place you need to go if you are purely an idli store. Veena Stores, which opened as a small spice store in 1977, is now a familiar destination for Bengaluru locals.

Their huge idlis are fluffy and tender, and oddly, sambar is not served with them. Instead, you can anticipate a hot and flavorful pudina (mint) chutney prepared with a pestle and mortar. The Kesari bath, savige bath, and upma are three other dishes on the menu that must be tried.

These are the places to get the best idli in India. For people in Maharashtra, Naadbramha Idli is the perfect destination where they can get the taste of authentic South Indian flavors in Maharashtra. Thus, it is said to be Maharashtra’s No. 1 Idli.

So, don’t make your taste buds wait too long; get the best idli at Naadbramha Idli Restaurant.

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